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ORS Olive Oil Mild Touch Relaxer

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Featuring kinder-to-hair technology, ORS™ Olive Oil Mild Touch Relaxer with 60% Lower Chemical allows you to achieve smooth and straight relaxed hair without compromising body and strength. This mild no-lye system alters less of the hair's natural bonds during processing and straightens the hair just enough for a relaxed look with texture and body—delivering up to 70% straightening of a regular relaxer*.

Designed to deliver a mild straightening and be gentler to hair, Olive Oil Mild Touch Relaxer includes exclusive Oligro™ Oil made with our proprietary complex of 6 oils & 6 extracts including biotin and plant stem cells to revitalize and protect scalp and strands.

The result? Visibly strong, fuller, healthier hair that's ready to style!

  • Mild no-lye formula for visibly fuller & stronger hair with texture
  • Formulated with 60% lower chemical*
  • Delivers up to 70% straightening of a regular relaxer**
  • Leaves hair straight enough to maintain thickness
  • Includes exclusive Oligro™ Oil to provide superior moisture and protection
* Compared to the active hair relaxing/straightening chemical in regular strength relaxers **depending on hair type and when following instructions


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Customer Reviews

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Veronica D. (Houston, US)
Perfect for permanently dyed hair

If you bleach or dye your hair using developer, this relaxer is perfect. It straightens your hair enough to that it is slightly course. Then when you do the permanent dye treatments your hair will be as straight as a regular relaxers texture without it being overprocessed. I do not recommend it if you want bone straight hair on non dyed natural 4b/4c hair because it will not get the hair that straight. It's Perfect for those that color process their hair in addition to relaxers. When you finish the entire hair transformation (relaxer + permanent color treatment) your hair will be straight and fuller but not overprocessed and weak and thin as with a regular relaxer.

D.G. (Newark, US)

Where is the ingredient list?

Candace M.
Will NOT Straighten Your Hair

If I could get a refund for this product, I would. I had been using the ORS normal/regular strength and would always get scalp burns, even though I wouldn't touch my hair the week of my relaxer and basing my scalp with Vaseline.

So, I tried this thinking it would be gentle and get my hair straight. Well, there weren't any burns BUT my hair looks like it's 6 weeks post relaxer! The end result looks like a bad silk press on natural hair. The edges and roots are kinky and not sleek and silky. The dilemma is that I know I can't do another relaxer for at least another 8 weeks and I usually go 12 to 13 weeks before a touch up. I think I'm going to have to change the brand of relaxer I use. ORS doesn't seem to have a product that sensitive on scalp, but straightens. Please save yourself the headache if you are looking for beautiful relaxed hair.

Rose C. (Akron, US)

Hair seemed to revert some after 1 week.

A.H. (Clinton Township, US)

I’m very impressed with the results so far! I can keep my curl pattern all while having manageability.

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