Olive Oil

ORS Olive Oil Style & Sculpt Cover & Hold Black Wax Edge Filler Infused with Beeswax to Seal in Moisture (4.9 oz)

SKU: 12179

For edges that blend in but styles that stand out, try our NEW Cover and Hold Black Wax Thin Edge Filler, formulated to cover gray hairs and minimize the appearance of sparse edges! This black pigmented wax gives long-lasting touchable hold, conditions and smooths hair, and adds natural shine as it fills out thin edges.

Apply to edges and smooth with fingertips, small toothbrush, or brush for desired look and hold.

Size: 4.9 Ounces

UPC: 632169121793

Coarse, Fine, Medium, Natural
Curly, Straight, Wavy

Customer Reviews

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Rauni (Chicago, US)
I love all my ORS Products

I’m glad I purchased theses particular items from ORS and the reason why is I’ve been using ORS for over 20 years and for some reason they work really well for my hair even the natural products now that I’m relaxed again the products work really good with my hair so if it not broken don’t try to fix a good thing.

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