5 Tips For Transitioning From Natural To Relaxed Hair

There are quite a few of us who have transitioned to natural hair in recent years and who have, after giving it a shot, decided that wearing our hair relaxed is the best option for our lifestyle. If this is, you then we are well aware of some of the questions you might be asking yourself. Is your hair is healthy enough for a relaxer? What relaxer should you be considering? What products should I be using after I relax? All these questions are perfectly normal and can be answered easily with a plan.Now Before all these Lets have a look on What is relaxed hair? Relaxed hair are those which is easier to straighten and manage. Here are 5 solid relaxed hair tips you can use once you have made your final decision.


First, Do A Hair Check In

Before you make the move to relaxed from natural, you should probably assess your hair and determine if it's healthy enough to make such a transition. Maybe you need a quick trim and deep condition before you move forward. Or perhaps, you just dyed your hair a different color last week and need to wait another week or so before you do anything else major to it. Whatever your unique hair story may be, pay attention to your specific needs and make the best decision for you.

If you still are not sure, seek professional help from a stylist who will be better at assessing your hair on your behalf and give you the best advice about how to proceed with your hair.

Pick The Right Relaxer

There are a bunch of different relaxers for various hair types and situations. As a rule of thumb, women with fine hair should use a "normal" no-lye relaxer while those with coarse hair may get better results with an "extra strength" no lye relaxer. ORS Olive Oil Full Application No Lye Relaxer Kits are ideal because they deliver silky, straight tresses while also protecting your hair from being damaged during processing. If you're backtracking on your natural hair transition, ORS Olive Oil Zone Relaxer is made for relaxing specific areas of your head like your nape and edges. This also comes in handy once you are fully relaxed, but need a little extra help blending leave out with straight hair extensions. If it is your very first time relaxing your hair, it's best to start with a full application normal strength kit

Switch Out Your Products

Often times, heavier creams and oils are not necessary for relaxed hair like they may be for natural kinks, curls, and coils. When your old products no longer work for one reason or another, it's time to switch them out for something more suitable for your hair type and texture.Olive Oil Neutralizing Shampoo is a great product to start with because it is deliberately formulated to detangle and remove calcium buildup from freshly relaxed hair. It makes a perfect match with ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner, which balances the pH, protein, and moisture levels in your hair. Want a sleek and shiny ponytail without all the gel? Try ORS Olive Oil Glossing Polisher . Or you've been dying to finally apply some heat to your hair for a fab roller set and ORS Olive Oil 2-n-1 Shine Mist & Heat Defense gives you all the protection and luster you need. There are so many amazingly effective and versatile options in the ORS Olive Oil collection that'll help you achieve stunning, healthy relaxed hair.

Tackle New Growth Quickly

New growth is a lot like transitioning from relaxed to natural in the sense that there is a line of demarcation between the relaxed and natural textures of hair. In simple terms, this means that your much more likely to deal with unwanted breakage and shedding the longer you leave your new growth unattended. The great thing is, you no longer have to do a full relaxer and risk over-processing your hair because ORS Olive Oil New Growth No Lye Relaxer Kits make tackling new growth a easy and isolated task. Just follow the directions found in the kit and you will be back to having fresh, silky straight roots in no time!

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