3 Things To Consider Before Your Next Protective Style

It’s hair growth seas yall and as it gets warmer most of us are looking at a variety of protective style options we can use to mix things up and meet our hair growth goals. Protective styles can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and which one you get really depends on. Before diving deep lets have a look on.

What is a protective style?: A protective style is any hair configuration that keeps your hair ends safely tucked away. if your hair is healthy enough to uphold your style of choice. Here are 3 things to consider for Protective style ideas.


Make Sure It's Strong Enough

Box braids, for example, are a great protective style because they promote hair growth, allow you to hydrate and moisturize your scalp, and will last you a long time. However, if your hair is already weak and thinning, heavy box braids will create tension and ultimately make your problem worse! Instead of jumping right into complicated or heavy styles, make sure you have a solid hair care regimen and start off with low manipulation protective styles like loose buns and flat twists, then work your way up.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and hydrated because it is at its weakest when it's dry and brittle. Organic Root Stimulator introduces styling lotions that helps you to improve your hair's moisture balance, hydration, elasticity, and shine with consistent use.


Deep Clean

For both natural and relaxed women, we know that washing our hair all the time simply isn't necessary; We can go a few days to a few weeks without a thorough wash and be completely fine! However, when wash day finally arrives, it's vital that we remove all of the excess oil, dirt, and product build up from our hair and scalp if we want to keep our hair clean and healthy. This is especially important to do right before a long-term protective style because it will help the style last longer, and moisturizers and oils are the most effective on a clean foundation.

Pro-Tip: Avoid shampoos and conditioners with harmful ingredients that may dry out your hair by stripping it of its natural oils. Instead, try ORS Olive Oil Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo and ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner! While the shampoo thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp, the conditioner offers intense moisture and shine.


Touch Ups

Touch ups are one of the major keys of both long term and short term protective styling because it allows you to wear the style for as long as you can without having to do your hair all over again. It's crucial that you have a good lineup of products on hand that will help you lay your edges, promote shine, give your hair a little extra hold, and smooth any frizz.

Pro-Tip: Products that moisturize and hold are a must-have for effortless style fixes and touch ups. For neat and sleek looks, ORS Olive Oil Edge Control slicks and holds your edges in place without flaking or hardening. For twists, buns, and loose braids with a healthy luster, ORS Olive Oil Smooth-N Hold Pudding's non-sticky, lightweight formula gets the job done. And for that extra shine that brings old, dry hair back to life? A spritz of Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray does the trick with an added boost of Vitamin E oil and herbal extracts for strength and moisture. Now try it out yourself on DIY Easy Tips for Protective Styles.

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