4 Ways to Solve Your Winter-Related Hair Problems

Natural hair can be hard to maintain all on its own. The protective styles, various seasonal regimens, and issues we experience regularly can be annoying to handle, and winter exaggerates it all! Cold weather is absolutely drying for our hair, rain and wind can ruin your hairstyle, and having a dry and flaky scalp can get real.

This can all get stressful, but the good news is you are not alone because most of us go through it and fortunately there are ways to "winterize your hair" and keep your it. Here are 4 ways you can solve your winter-related hair problems!


When your hair is dry and brittle

 It's a no-brainer that dry and brittle hair can easily be solved by some intensive hydrating and moisturizing. However, your regular method of moisturizing may be no match for cold and harsh winter conditions. My suggestion? Ditch the towel drying and moisturize straight out the shower! Section your hair off while it's still wet, apply a heavy oil, and then follow up with a cream or butter that will help retain moisture.

ORS Shea Butter and Honey Creme is an excellent choice because not only does it completely define your curls from root to tip, but it's anti-shrinkage, which means it retains length as well as moisture!


When your hair feels weighed down

We are all guilty of layering our hair with too much product in the winter time because we are fearful of it drying out. The motivation is right, but the method is wrong; weighed down hair is just as prone to damage as dry hair! Instead of using thick and heavy creams and oils, try lightweight products or dampen your hair instead of drenching it in water.

Take a water spray bottle and lightly spritz your hair, coat each strand in a light oil like grapeseed or coconut, and then seal with a butter instead of a cream for best results. If you feel like this is a little too light for winter, layer on more product or switch out for something heavier like ORS Curl Boosting Jelly.


When your scalp is dry and flaky

A healthy scalp means healthy hair, and when it's dry and flaky, your curls might be in some trouble soon! Treating your hair is not treating your scalp, so you need to make sure you are giving your scalp some special attention. Massages, applying nourishing oils, using sulfate-free shampoo, and low manipulation styles are all ways you can care for your scalp.

Aside from the routine changes, a great solution that offers fast relief is apple cider vinegar. Doing an apple cider vinegar hair and scalp rinse and then massaging your scalp with tea tree oil will moisturize scalp, reduce flakiness and information, and improve blood circulation (all of which is great for overall hair health and growth!)


When your hair is lifeless

Lifeless hair is the result of many different things, but in the winter, things like frequent hat wearing, snow, rain, cold air, and harsh winds could easily have a negative impact on the vitality of your curls! You might not be able to fully fight mother nature but using products that are made specifically to define and refresh your curls is a must right now.

ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Refresher does it exactly that! It refreshes your curls when they have fallen flat and lifeless throughout the day.

It also works great with your natural curl pattern, braid outs, twist outs, flexi rod curls, and other styles that you may need to bring back to life with relative ease.

As a bonus, we must mention that the aloe vera, honey, and green tea extract in the formula will not only revitalize your curls, but it moisturizes and promotes hair growth as well.

How have you been dealing with Winter hair problems? Comment below!

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