Not Everyone Wants Long Natural Hair – Here Are 4 Cute Trendy Cuts You Should Try

These days, it seems like everyone's goal is to obtain long and glorious natural hair. And while that's amazing and admirable, it is easy to forget that natural hair is also very beautiful when it's short and cut and styled to perfection! Whether you are just starting your hair growth journey and looking for a way to style your hair in the meantime, or simply wanting to try something new, here are some of the Best Hairstyles for Women, gorgeous enough to make you reconsider every growing your hair out.

Natural hair tends to be impressively versatile when it comes to styling TWAs and short cuts. Caesar cuts, bantu knot outs, fades, finger-waves, slick downs, mini twists-- all can be achieved. These voluminous and defined honey blonde two strand twists on tapered natural hair are a surefire way to elevate your everyday look!

Tip: The most important thing to remember when twisting your hair is that you need a product that'll help you moisturize and tame your hair before and after you twist--ORS Incredibily Rich Moisturizing Hair Lotion does just that. With Olive Oil to smooth and Castor Oil to protect and strengthen, this lotion is fit for everyday styling, fortifying, and hair growth.


 Flawless hair is possible at any length and these soft and supple finger coils are the proof! The key to achieving these perfectly bouncy and shiny finger coils with any hair texture and type is intense moisture and hydration. Keeping your hair nourished from root to tip is how you keep it both beautiful and healthy!

Tip: Finger coils should be properly moisturized, yes, but they should absolutely not be weighed down; You will need something that is effective, but not sticky, flaky, or heavy. ORS Olive Oil Smooth-n-Hold Pudding is a perfect fit for the job! It makes your hair incredibly soft, and also offers a light hold without ever being too heavy or greasy.


Ultra-defined curls and slicked and swirled edges should be the go-to for all natural hair types! While the curl definition is a result of properly hydrated and finger curled hair, the finger waved edges add all the flair, making the look cute and stylish. If your hair doesn't already have the definition, try small perm rods or separated finger coils to achieve the look.

Tip: One thing about curl definition is that you need to be proactive about frizz or else you'll end up with a dry, tangled mess! ORS Anti-Frizz Olive Oil Glossing Polisher controls fly-aways and protects your hair from the unflattering effects of humidity. Rub a dime-size amount in your hands and gently rub through your hair before and/or after styling.


There is short, these are the latest hairstyle trends for 2019 where there is bald and somewhere in-between there is a buzzcut so shamelessly beautiful that you will wish you had the guts (and head shape) to try it! So, why don't you? Cutting off all your hair and starting anew is not only fiercely liberating, but it allows you to restart your hair journey with a healthier foundation and chance to do things better this time around.

Tips: While a buzzcut is a relatively low maintenance, it still requires a little bit of care because it's of utmost importance to keep a healthy scalp. The best way to achieve this through using shampoos and conditioners that help cultivate a healthy environment for hair to grow. ORS Olive Oil Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo is a great place to start! This formula is infused with Olive Oil and Rosemary, both of which help soothe, nourish, and condition your hair follicles and scalp.

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