4 Ways You Can Jumpstart Your New Year's Hair Goal Now

Another year is coming to a close and as always most of us are trying to figure out what our "hair-centric" resolution should be next year. The truth is, whether you are natural or relaxed, we often have the same two goals! Keeping our hair healthy and growing it to its fullest potential. Yet -somehow- we always miss the mark on one, the other, or both and we are often left wondering where in the world we went wrong. Not this year ladies--nope, this time we are getting ahead of it all! Here are 4 ways you can jumpstart your New Year's hair goal now!


Bring Your Hair Back To Its Healthiest State

Unless your goal is to irreversibly damage your hair, you need to make sure it’s at its healthiest before attempting any hair growth goals! Observe your hair for a second, what do you see? Dry scalp, breakage, thinning, and heat damage are all things you need to take care of before moving forward. Thinning and breakage around the edges and nape are especially a big deal because they can get out of hand and eventually cause balding.

Various natural oils and low manipulation styles have been the go-to for so many women, but no matter what you try, the key is to always start at the scalp. Products like Organic Root Stimulator HAIRestore Hair Fertilizer with Nettle Leaf and Horsetail Extract works wonders for scalp health and hair growth. Massaging a liberal amount of the nutrient-rich formula on your scalp relieves dryness, stimulates hair follicles, and strengthens hair.

After your hair has seen some progress from restoration efforts, you can then think about what your next steps will be!


Snip-It, Already!

We know you have been avoiding cutting your hair like the plague, and it's okay because most of us have a complicated relationship with scissors. However, cutting off all your damaged hair, or even just trimming it, is the only thing standing between you and the healthy, long hair you want! Holding onto your length is important, but is it worth it if most of what you are holding onto is damaged? Not really.

Let's take split ends for an example. Split ends aren't much of a threat when you catch them early and trim them, but if you do not cut them you leave your hair prone to dryness and frizz.

Even worse, your hair can split all the way up to the root and now an inch of damaged hair can turn into inches of hair that you will have to cut.

We know cutting or trimming your hair seems like a setback, but if you get ahead of the damage you will be ahead of the curve with regards to your goals.


What's your plan?

It's easy to create goals without having a clear course of action. We tend to underestimate the effort it will take to grow our hair; we think, “well my hair is healthy, all I have to do is keep taking care of it” which is a great idea, but it's no help when you hit a growth plateau or something stops working for you.

For the new year, pick 2 or 3 methods that will help you reach one goal. For an example, maybe your goal is to retain 5 inches of hair, your plan might be to try finger combing-only, and low manipulation hairstyles as ways to get to your goal. You now have a rough outline of what you will be doing, and it's vague enough to leave room for versatility and routine changes throughout your timeline!


Do A Protective Style For The Holidays

So, you are prepping for a new hair journey for the new year and while it's unrealistic to say you won't change your hair, it's also not the best time to shake the table too much. Dramatic cuts and colors at this point will only complicate things in the long run, but if you are absolutely dying for a style change, go for protective styles! Kinky jumbo twists, cornrows, low buns, and halo braids are all easy and quick options that you can do on a whim during the holidays. If you want to go for something a little bit more ambitious, like box braids or a weave, you should really focus on protecting your hair underneath for the long-term.

ORS HAIRestore Hair Mayonnaise is one of my personal favorites to use before and after a protective style because it protects against breakage, damage, and softens your hair overall. Paired with the ORS HAIRestore Scalp Scrub--which removes build-up and stimulates scalp--your hair is in for some major rejuvenation! If you follow these 4 steps you will be well on your way to achieving your goals next year.

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