Flower Girl

Halloween is typically known for its extra spooky decor and costumes. Ghouls, ghosts, and goblins sometimes look like angels compared to some of the scary things floating around during Halloween season.
However, there are people who aren't interested in the “scary” aspect as much as they are in the opportunity to just dress up and have a good time! This appeal is what makes ideas like Flower Power, or Girl Flower, a fun idea for Halloween.


The Foundation

When building up a flower look, the initial styling of your hair is a make or break moment. You want something that is sturdy and neat enough to hold an abundance of accessories and flowers without damaging your hair or falling apart.

Your best options? Buns and ponytails. Sleek low buns, curly ponytails, fros and quirky space buns alike all qualify as hairstyles that are sturdy, but stylish enough to build up into something magnificent.

Using a gel to mold your hair is better than using a light cream or pomade because it'll stay together much longer. However, it could make your hair appear dry; an oil or sheen like ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray uses a paraben-free formula to give your hair healthy, natural-looking luster. Plus, it gives a light hold which is needed to achieve a solid look.



The Arrangement

Color coordination, gold wire, leaves, and other matching jewelry and accessories help to tie the look together much better than just flowers by themselves.

Arranging flowers within your hair is the same as arranging them for a bouquet--they must be displayed in a way that is both beautiful and manageable. You may want an entire collection of flowers centered at the very top of your head or you may decide to allow your style to become an intricate part of the arrangement like Jasmine Brown above.


The Aesthetic

Choosing an aesthetic is fun and actually pretty simple! What are you hoping to represent and embody with your look? Are you promoting a 70s era peace-loving hippie philosophy, or are you honoring your Afro-latina roots by celebrating Dia de los Muertos? Maybe you just want to be the bright spot to an otherwise dark holiday, or it's just something cute to do!

Whatever your style, stay dedicated to recreating and reimagining it through your look. Can't settle on one? Get creative and stay flexible with ORS!


The Cohesion

Creating a cohesive look is all about staying true to your color scheme and theme across the board when it comes to makeup, hair and clothes.

Make a palette of 4 or 5 colors in the same or a similar color family, and get creative with them. If you do want a mix of different colors, make them complementary!

When that's settled, tie the look together with false lashes, faux freckles, blush, shimmery highlight, and other types of makeup. The model above decided to keep her makeup very natural and let her hair and head piece do the talking. That’s always a great choice as well!



The Completion

You've nailed the base, the flower arrangement, the makeup, and the overall aesthetic--now it's time for the finishing touches.

You can leave your look soft, sweet, and simple, or you can further embellish with leaves, twigs, butterflies, and even match your outfit to one or more of the colors in your garden.

Be sure to touch up your hair before it's all said and done! Swoop your edges with some ORS Olive Oil Edge Control or do a light mist with an alcohol-free holding spray.

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