Lay Off The Wash And Go - Try This Cute Holiday Hair Style This Year

The holiday season is upon us and that means, lights, cameras, parties, and of course holiday hair! To be honest a great natural hairstyle for the holidays can be hard to come by. If you are like me then you are often caught between just wearing a plain old wash and go or a sleek bun. Do not get me wrong both styles are great but sometimes a girl could use something slightly different.

This year, why not try an elegant style that gives you the security of a bun and the "fun and flirtiness" of a wash and go? The curly bun with faux bangs could be just the thing to switch thing up!

Below are just a few easy steps so you can get this super chic look for the holidays!


The Prep

The first thing you should do before you begin styling is wash, condition and thoroughly detangle. The outcome of the look you envision will not work if you are working on dry, tangled or matted hair.

For this style, you will need a wide tooth comb, a great moisturizer, and perm rods. After cleansing your hair thoroughly use the ORS Curls Unleashed Cucumber and Aloe Vera Curl Refreshing Detangler to keep your hair moisturized as you start to style. Spray the product from root to tip and begin working tangles out of your hair.

The aloe soothes your scalp and softens your hair keeping the hair manageable and most importantly moisturized. After detangling, moisturize and seal with something lightweight so that once it's time to style, your hair won't be weighed down by too much product.

Next, select the right perm rod size for this look. Medium to large perm rods will give you nice defined ringlet curls that is suitable for day to day wear but will also give you the volume and drama you will need to elevate into a night time or special occasion look!


The Process

Starting at the nape of your neck, begin rodding your hair. Of course, it all depends on your hair length and head size, but you should end up with anywhere from 30 to 45 perm rods when it's all said and done! If you are letting them sit overnight, wear a secure scarf or bonnet to bed. Otherwise, sit under a hooded dryer or use a bonnet dryer attachment, until your hair is completely dry.


The Style

Now that your perm rod set is nice and dry, it's ready to take down! Before you start, rub a little oil on the palm of your hands so that your curls look bouncy and shiny as you take them down. Once they are all released from the rod, take one curl at a time and separate gently. To keep the curl pattern and fight frizz, twist the hair around your finger and release as you go.

Next, grab a pick or a wide tooth comb and start carefully fluffing at the roots. Creating volume without losing definition because of all the frizz is the key to making the style work in your favor! After it's all fluffed out, there are three ways you can go about styling it:

  1. Use your hands and fingers to comb all of your hair into a pineapple and secure it with an elastic band. Take another band and make a half bun so that half of your hair is in a bun and the other part is on your forehead like bangs. Spread your faux bangs out to your liking.
  2. Section the front of your hair off and put the rest into a loose bun. Fluff and pull out curls in a way that will frame your face, or as you see fit.
  3. Simply leave out the bun portion of the styling and place your hair into a pineapple.


The Finish

Congrats! You got all the super tricky stuff out of the way, and now you get to add the finishing touches! A few gold clips or holiday-themed accessories would be a cool way to show your super festive side this year.

Not really your thing? Just keep it simple with a neat, polished style by dabbing some ORS Curls Unleashed Apricot Oil Natural Edge Gel on the nape of your neck and smoothing it up. Glitter or temporary dyes on the tips of your curls would also look great!

Voilà! You are now holiday ready!

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